Nurses Are The Heart Of Healthcare
We are a proudly family owned and operated emerging Disability Service Provider in Perth who focuses more on quality than quantity of Supports.
Nurses Are The Heart Of Healthcare
We are a proudly family owned and operated emerging Disability Service Provider in Perth who focuses more on quality than quantity of Supports.

Reliable NDIS Disability Service Providers in Perth

Welcome to Captain K Supports and Cares. Based in Beechboro WA, we are your one-stop destination for quality and professional NDIS services in Perth. As trusted and reputed NDIS disability service provider in Perth, we are committed to providing NDIS participants with tailored support what will enhance the quality of their life and help in building up self-esteem and confidence. At Captain K Supports and Cares, individualised care is our first priority, and we make sure that every person's specific needs are met with the highest level of professionalism, compassion, and care. Explore our services and discover how our team can help you or your loved ones flourish within the NDIS framework.
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About Us
Why Choose Us?
We like to keep ourselves separate from direct support and focus on delivering our specialized support instead and maintain our service delivery quality standards and in return help you achieve your NDIS goals without any conflict of interest. We however appreciate the other service providers as they are equal part of your goal journey and work with them collaboratively along with other mainstream supports for better outcome as two heads are better than one and the more the merrier! Team work always yields better outcomes!
  • We provide supportive, compassionate and highly qualified nurses for all your nursing and Support needs

We are a family operated small business with members with experience in the healthcare sector
and disability for over decade.

The best Support Coordinators take as much time to listen as to talk. We put our participants in the driver’s seat making them a full and equal part of driving our planning process allowing our clients to exercise full choice and control

We work flexible hours to tailor your support needs. We work out of office hours and over weekends with no extra cost to support you!

We don’t charge for supports not delivered and take away your bulk funding if left at the end of your plan.

You have the right to:

  • Choose who delivers your supports and how they do this. You do not have to use just one provider for all your supports
  • Not use a provider if you feel they may put their business interests ahead of your needs
  • Know about any perceived or actual conflict of interest a provider might have
  • Not feel pressured to buy services or supports you don’t want or need
  • Pay for support at a fair and reasonable rate. You should not be charged more than the amount listed in the NDIS price guide
  • Decide what personal information you give to a provider so that they can deliver support and services.You are responsible for making sure the supports are:
  • Directly related to your disability and in-line with your plan
  • Not covered or delivered by another service system or organization (e.g. Medicare or private health insurer).

We have personal family experience with mental health related issues and having family members living with intellectual disability.

We guarantee continuity of supports as your coordinators don’t change from time to time and provide the stability of supports.

We are transparent with our billing and provide you with monthly billable time sheets.

Our work is purely ethical and excellent through our transparency and effective prompt communication service delivery.

Our Services
What Service We Provide
Hello CaptainK is an independent NDIS Community Nursing and Disability service Provider
Continence Assessments
Incontinence can significantly impact a person’s quality of life!
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Community Nursing Care
Hello CaptainK is an independent NDIS Community Nursing and Disability service Provider
Read More
Dysphagia Screening And Management
Dysphagia leads to swallowing difficulties. But if the condition is left untreated, it can exacerbate the situation.
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Comprehensive Nursing Assessment
At Captain K Supports and Cares, we perform comprehensive health assessments where we gather the necessary information to provide better care and support
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Our Community Crew
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Any Complaint or Feedback
If you would like to leave feedback or complain about the service you have received from us, or if you think we have breached your privacy obligations, please contact us through the Feedback and complaints
We will promptly investigate and resolve your complaint and respond to you as soon as possible. In all cases, we will inform you of the progress of your complaint.

If after receiving our response, you are unsatisfied with the resolution of the matter, you can lodge a complaint with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC). See the OAIC website for information regarding how to make a complaint.

If you have complaints or concerns about the way an NDIS providers treats its workers, you can contact the Fair Work Commission.
What Our Client Say
Our Crew's Testimonials

Very professional kind and knowledgeable When only the best will do AAA+++

Ivan Grubi

Kavita is beyond reproach when it comes to her capacity to care, and give the support her clients need

Travis Brinnand

Kavita is an absolute gem , she goes out of her way to help when she can , my son Noah has been with her for a long time and i wouldn’t have anyone else looking after him . She is professional but person cantered , caring and compassionate , she has a heart of gold and a wealth of knowledge. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her ! .

Caroline Smith

Approachable and supportive employer. Reliable in client services. Love to work for Captain K as a Continence Nurse Consultant.

Ressy Mathew

Kavita and her team are very kind and helpful. The support they provide is really awesome and they truely go above and beyond for their clients, I highly recommend them.

Jake Davey

The best NDIS, community care nursing you can ever find. I recommend 💯 …

Asibi Ebene

Very professional and hard-working provider group. Kavita and her team go above and beyond for the participants and customers they service. We need more provider groups like this doing the right things whilst achieving great outcomes.

Serge Belardo

Captain K is an experienced Specialist Support Coordinator. Her notes are great and up to date and her participants are happy with the services she provides.

Jasmine Shakya

Former LAC and Co-worker

You are wonderful in providing genuine care. Thank you so much for being so warm, caring and affectionate to our disability needs and addressing them as per our expectations!…We love you CapatainK!

P.L (Our participant's family)

Our Participant

Hey CaptainK, you delight me with your preety face and lots of sweet goodies! you are my hero!


Our little participant