About Us

Who We Are
Hello CaptainK is an independent NDIS Community Nursing and Coordination of Support (Cos) Service Provider servicing across Perth and regional areas York & Northam, WA.
We are a proudly family-owned and operated emerging Disability service Provider in Perth who focuses more on quality than quantity of Support. We like to keep ourselves separate from direct supports and focus on delivering our specialized support instead and maintain our service delivery quality standards and in return help, you achieve your NDIS goals without any conflict of interest. We alone however are not enough to help you achive your goals and all other services are equally essential. We work collaboratively with other mainstream supports in the community to achieve better outcomes of your NDIS plan funding.
Our Core Values

  • Transparency
  • Transparency is a highly valued principle by everyone! We value transparent relationships with our friends, family, and colleagues. Let’s face it! Who trusts a liar? By avoiding tricks, hidden agendas and making information accessible to everyone we strongly create a positive impact in several ways through promoting trust and increasing staff and client motivation and in the end giving value to the brand!

  • Integrity
  • Integrity helps to build an open and positive work environment and an ethical approach to decision-making. We at CaptainK endeavour to deliver you honest and ethical work.

  • Inclusion
  • At CaptainK we believe in the concepts of ‘‘Global Diversity.’’ As diversity advocate and activist, Vern Myers explained it, “ Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance.” Our team comes from diverse CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Different) backgrounds bringing in a wealth of knowledge and different shared perspectives to the workplace making you feel like you belong and are an integral part of our fabulous team!

  • Consistency
  • Consistency is the key to success in life. We believe in delivering consistent support by the same team members to build rapport, trust and credibility of supports and deliver quality service to our participants. Our coordinators remain the same throughout your plan journey and don’t keep changing all the time!

  • Excellence
  • philosophy. We are always Striving for excellence and continually working to improve ourselves and our business operations. We strive to be the best in all that we do and aim to perform to our best levels. We Provide timely, professional, effective, and efficient service to you.
Our Mission
‘’A Smooth Sea never made a skillful Sailor’’
The role of a Captain is showing direction and navigating their crew or onboard members and assisting them during their journey by making it as comfortable and as safe as possible to reach their destinations.
Our Support Coordinators are the Captains of your NDIS plans whose sole mission is to navigate you through the Stormy Sea of NDIS and its complex support pathways and help you reach your Goal Destination safely.
The NDIS which is a social insurance-based model and first of a kind Disability Scheme in Australia and the world at large is like the treasure of funded support for people living with permanent disabilities and it has changed the lives of thousands of people with its unique support approach Scheme. The Support Coordinator who is the captain of the individuals NDIS Plan assists the participants in guiding them through the best OCEAN of community support to help you reach your dream goals through the principle of capacity building and resilience.
Why Choose Us
  • We go above and beyond
    We are available in a crisis if something goes wrong. We are flexible with when, how and where we support you. Your journey is our journey and we work hard to meet your expectations!
  • We are independent
    Many Support Coordinators in WA work for agencies who also provide various other NDIS services (Therapy, Accommodation, Support workers, plan management, community access, respite care, etc.). The multitude of service delivery is a personal choice of providers. CaptainK Support Coordination is our specialty and core strength and by staying independent and flexible, we aim to deliver support tailored to your needs as we can give more time and attention to being a small-scale provider. You are the only person we work for. You can change your Support Coordinator/even provider if you are unsatisfied with our service, and this motivates us to provide the best service possible.
  • We have experience in managing individuals with extremely complex support needs
    We are a family operated small business with members with experience in the healthcare sector for over decade including experience with disability sector. We understand the complexity of supporting NDIS participants facing the justice system, health sectors, child protection, dual diagnosis, palliative care, and homelessness, and have the knowledge to achieve positive outcomes in these challenging areas through effective problem-solving skills.
  • Our team members have a lived experience
    We have personal family experience with mental health related issues and having family members living with intellectual disability.
    Our service delivery model has been developed through adults with complex disabilities and a lived experience personally in a family suffering from mental health conditions significantly impacting our social family life so we can relate with people facing psychosocial challenges and needs in their life.
  • We put participants in driver’s seat
    The best Support Coordinators are those who take as much time to listen as to talk. They put participants in the driver’s seat making them a full and equal part of driving the planning process. What’s more, who understands a participant needs, goals and concerns better than they themselves?
    We actively encourage participation in planning, listen to what they have to say and support them in getting what they need by referring them to the right people and agencies.