Our Team

Meet Our Key Members
Captain K Supports and Cares boasts a team of seasoned support staff to assist clients efficiently. However, our board and team are administered by NDIS participants having the necessary experience in the day-to-day struggles that individuals with mobility restrictions have to face. So, if you are opting for a support service from us, rest assured that you will be assisted with care.

Kavita Shiyani
Continence Nurse Specialist & Advisor | NDIS SSC | CEO
Kaya, Namaste, Hello. I am Kavita! I am the CEO of CaptainK Supports and Cares, which operates as Independent NDIS Coordination service, NDIS and in-home care, General and Complex nursing care across Perth, Northam, York, Bullsbrook and Chittering regions of WA and Melbourne.
Sati Brar

Sati Brar
Admin and Rostering Lead
Meg Ramani

Meg Ramani
Clinical Nurse (Nursing Services Coordinator)

Our NDIS Participants
Our NDIS participants play a pivotal role in formulating the ways in which our team can provide support to individuals experiencing physical impairments. So, we are indebted to their support. Most importantly, our participants help us in determining the needs of individuals under the scheme. This enables us to tailor each support service depending on their physical condition and competencies.
We Have the Most Efficient Team of Support Coordinators
At Captain K Supports and Cares, we have a diverse team of support coordinators to help participants manage their plans. Our professionals are adept at helping our clients in developing the skills required to manage the funding. Besides, they step-by-step assist with the implementation of NDIS plans, provide support staff and also assist with service coordination. Additionally, our support coordinators help with plan review and offer crisis support as part of emergency services.
Our Community Nursing Team Provide the Required Care Comprehensively

We have the best nurses in our organisation offering all-inclusive community nursing support. They are caring, compassionate, and assist our clients with patience and persistence. They ensure quick recovery by coordinating with their clients as well as their family members. Some of the tasks that our nursing team handles include health assessments, care planning, medication management, wound care, chronic disease management, etc. Additionally, our nurses are skilled at responding to emergencies.

Our Continence Nurse Consultant Team is Ready to Meet Your Needs
Our expert team of nurses are capable of managing even complicated conditions related to continence. Not only do we carefully diagnose and treat the condition, they counsel and recommend the most effective solutions for the participants keeping in mind the complications that they are experiencing. Additionally, our team of nurses monitors their clients and plans the care that needs to be provided for the improvement of their condition.
Our Wound Care Team Does an Excellent Job in Treating Their Clients

Our wound care team comprises highly qualified nurses and healthcare professionals. They treat all types of wounds including the ones that are chronic and acute. To assist in fast recovery, our team examines wounds and the overall physical condition of clients to develop a care plan. Next, they implement the same for the benefit of our clients. Apart from these, our wound care experts suggest the best solutions that quicken the wound healing process.

Connecting With Others Through the Social Media

At Captain K Supports and Cares, we have a diverse social media team of intelligent individuals who establish connections with participants and their family members through social media. They also assist our potential clients with the queries that they have. Besides, our professionals run social media awareness campaigns as well as the composition of each NDIS plan.