Comprehensive Nursing Assessment

Comprehensive Nursing Assessment in Perth, WA

At Captain K Supports and Cares, we perform comprehensive health assessments where we gather the necessary information to provide better care and support. The examination is performed by our experienced nurses in Perth. They primarily focus on the physical, mental, lifestyle and socioeconomic conditions of patients.

During the assessment, our nurses record the data since apart from helping with the creation of the care plan, they can analyse the record to develop an understanding of the conventional caregiving procedures and how they can be tailored. Our nurses collect objective and subjective data to serve their clients better. This includes taking the heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, respiratory rate, and pain level. With this data, our nurses can better diagnose the problems of the patient.

What Do We Include in the Comprehensive Nursing Assessment Service?

Our comprehensive nursing assessments are tailored to individual needs and those that are specific to their condition. We use various clinical tools that are accredited and meet Australian standards.

To sum up, the comprehensive nursing assessment service includes:

  • Falls risk assessment and management of the same
  • Assessment of continence considering NDIS plans
  • Assessment of neurovascular and overall neurological condition
  • Development of diabetes management care plans for adults above 18yrs
  • Development of care plans involving manual handling
  • Braden Risk assessment tool that helps predict pressure sore risk
  • Assessment of mental health
  • Assessment of pain and measurement of the same
  • Assessment of wounds and management of individual care plans
  • Assessing the bowel movement and individual care plans
  • Assessing catheter care needs and developing the necessary care plans
  • Assessment and management of stoma
  • Assessment and management of enteral tube feeding and management

So, if you are looking for tailored nursing assistance, opt for this service today.

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