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Website Copyright

Copyright is the information contained on this website including logos, images, icons, graphics, video and audio clips, layouts, texts, and most of it is owned and protected solely by our copyright license and Australian Copyright Law as set in the Copyright Act 1968 (commonwealth)*

Copyright is a legal right that gives copyright owners the right to control certain activities with their works. These activities include copying and re-use, such as publication, performance, adaptation and communicating the work to the public (for example, by making it available online).

What types of works does copyright cover?

Copyright applies to many different types of works such as:

  • Websites, art works, architectural plans, computer games, choreography, books, newspapers, drawings diaries and letters, films, plays, manuscripts, photographs, maps, published editions, screenplays and scripts, software, lyrics, and sound recordings.

Use of logos and Third-party material.

You may not use, download, print, copy, display, broadcast, reproduce, publish, distribute any information and material from this website in whole or in part that includes creative and artistic work under Australian Law prior to written approval from Captain K’s authorised representative. This may be subject to copyright infringement notice from the owner operator of this website content and its intellectual property from any misuse or reuse for any fraud/malpractices.

Acknowledgement of Use of NDIS website written material and videos by our website.

At Captain K, NDIS website contents like videos and its intellectual property has been re-used and modified by us at certain specific locations and the sole owner of intellectual property rights is NDIS launch Transition Agency 2013 and we have only used the information from NDIS website relevant to our services to educate people with disability with no intention of promotion of our business or any commercial benefits. We fully acknowledge the intellectual property ownership of NDIS and Reproduction of any Creative Commons material on the NDIS website is subject to the CC NC licence conditions available on the Creative Commons site

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Our website contains external links and applications operated by certain third parties like Australian Government bodies, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, google etc. These parties are not subject to our privacy act as we do not control their content and material including their security measures. We recommend you exercise caution and view their privacy policies and use them at your own risk!

Our social media channels

We will be regularly promoting our services and our intellectual contents from time to time for marketing purposes and for reaching out to communities at large. No sensitive information of our clients will be used/disclosed publicly without their consent as per our marketing policy.


We accept no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of any material detailed on this website. We have tried to present our services in line with NDIS operational guidelines without any intent of providing any professional advice. The views recommended from time to time on our website do not necessarily reflect the views of NDIA or any other third-party agency including the website links attached to our social media or our business partners links.

We do not endorse any material found on those sites or any associated organisation, product, or service. Every information detailed on our website is purely based on our evaluation and understanding from time to time and every effort has been made to present the content without any prejudice, judgement, discrimination, or any intent of harm to any person &/their intellectual ownerships. You must exercise your own judgement and carefully evaluate the material on this website. Please seek professional advice relevant to your individual circumstances and Captain K disclaims all liability to any person in respect of anything either wholly or partly based on information presented on this site.

We appreciate your time and effort in visiting our website and reading our contents! Please feel free to send us feedback be it negative or positive, we will try to rectify and improve our service delivery!